January 16, 2015

A message from Marci Romney, our current SDAOSA president:

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time for our upcoming SDAOSA Chapter Sharing workshop: SUPER SATURDAY CHAPTER SHARING. We will also have our second annual SDAOSA Silent Auction…

I. CHAPTER SHARING this year will follow a similar format to last year’s except for instead of sharing a children’s book that you use with a music lesson, please share a manipulative or teaching aid that you like to use with a music lesson. Please plan to share a lesson that incorporates the use of a favorite manipulative or teaching aid. You know, the one that you love… is easy to make… or can be purchased inexpensively.

Bring: TEN COPIES of the lesson (for your small group) and ONE SAMPLE of the manipulative (just to show everyone). Please include a picture of the manipulative or teaching aid in your lesson handout though, along with any patterns or purchase information, your name, and your contact info.

First: Gather into small groups where we will each share our lesson and manipulative with our small group. Next: Each small group will choose ONE of the lessons to present to the entire group. Finale: 6-8 Lesson Presentations

We will get all those who attend the workshop a copy of all the lessons via an online link where you can download one PDF document that contains all the lessons (just make sure Dorothy gets one of your lesson copies to scan). You might have access to up to 50 new lesson ideas after the workshop!

II. SILENT AUCTION Last year’s Silent Auction was a huge success as several members donated instruments, teaching aids, music, CDs, resource books, etc. We raised over $370 for our San Diego chapter!

If you have items you would like to donate to our Second Annual Silent Auction, please email Lenore with a list of what you would like to donate. She will email you back with details as to how to price your items, along with auction procedures.

Members will have three 20-minute opportunities to shop: Before the workshop (from 8:40-9:00am) and during the workshop (during morning break, and another period scheduled within the workshop). At 1pm, the winners of each item will collect their item(s) and pay for them. Please bring your CHECK BOOK (preferred) or cash! We do not have ability to process credit cards.

Hope to see you all on January 31st! Invite a friend or colleague!