March 14 Chapter Share & Music Faire

Updated March 13 at 1:28pm:  We regret to say our Chapter Share Workshop has been canceled! Please stay safe and healthy!

From Margie Orem (SDAOSA president):

SDAOSA March 14 Local Chapter Share and a Chapter Music Faire
9:00-1:30 at E.B. Scripps Elementary School
11778 Cypress Canyon Road, San Diego

The Chapter Share workshops are member favorites. There will be many kid-tested, varied activities/lessons from many music teachers in the chapter in this fast-paced, “something for everybody” workshop. (If you are presenting, you have already been contacted and an updated schedule will arrive by Tuesday).

•Bring money to buy others’ gently used treasures.
•Bring your recorder.
•Plan on voting for the new SDAOSA Board which will take
place during a break.

Please look over the proposed slate of new officers.
If you have any questions, please direct them to Margie, Crystal, Sharon Evans or Zoe (your current executive board). 

SDAOSA 2020-2021
President: Crystal Pridmore (Executive)
Past President: Margie Orem (Executive)
Vice President: Sasha Stone (Executive)
Secretary: Jonathan Seligman (Executive)
Membership: Amber Gustafson
Treasurer: Ondrya Leavitt (Executive)
Historian: Marc Keehmer
Member at Large: Sandra Cam​a​ren​a​

Materials Faire Details:
Bring unwanted items to sell or donate.
(If selling, arrive by 8:30 to set up).
1. You handle all setup, clean up, sales and the making of change.
2. You are asked to donate a good portion or all of the sales proceeds to the chapter.
3. Contact Sharon with questions.

Reminder:  Levels I,II, & III 2020 in Chula Vista this summer.
Mark Keehmer contact person.
Save-the-date flyer HERE!

Thank you all for your help!!!
Margie Orem
SDAOSA President

A letter from the chapter VP…

December 1, 2019

Dear SDAOSA Friends,

I am writing to you with a full heart in this season of gratitude. What a beautiful week we shared in Salt Lake City for the 2019 AOSA National Conference, then parted as we went to our own families to share Thanksgiving. For the 11 SDAOSA members who attended conference, I know connections were made, experiences were shared, and growth took place that we will carry back to our students when we see their faces again tomorrow morning.

The last three years have been years of change and transition for our chapter. From the 2017 SDAOSA sponsored Orff Schulwerk level 1 course offered in Chula Vista until today, our membership has expanded rapidly as Schulwerk has reached a new cohort of music educators. In our communication with AOSA, Sasha Stone (our incoming Vice President) and I have learned that SDAOSA chartered in 1977 and became an official chapter in 1979. It seems appropriate in this historic 40th year to reflect on the incredible foundation-laying of our predecessors and look towards the future.

Diversity and Inclusion were important themes for the “Orff Elevated” conference in Salt Lake City. As a national entity, AOSA is reflecting on past practices and looking for ways to grow and reflect the diversity of music educators and students nationwide. Music education has struggled to thrive in Southern California for many years, but I am hopeful as we watch the political and social tides turn. It is our duty and our responsibility as a chapter to make sure we widen the net and gather as many educators into our vibrant community as possible.

In that spirit, Sasha has begun compiling a list of schools in San Diego county to do the work of contacting music educators who may feel alone in their work. It is our hope to grow our community and shore each other up for the continued reestablishment of music throughout our region. We have also discussed ways to celebrate the work SDAOSA has been doing for 40 years. We look forward to a year of continued growth and community.

In this busy season as you shepherd students through performances, know that we are grateful for every one of you. The future of this chapter is bright and promising because of the role each of you plays in building it. It is a pleasure to serve this organization. I wish you a holiday season of love, family, and peace.

Crystal Pridmore

A word of thanks from Margie and Debbie…

Dear SDAOSA Friends,

Thank you, all, for the part you played in making yesterday’s workshop a fun day.

You played every game, danced every dance and sang every song. You volunteered, participated and helped our Two-Ring Circus move along smoothly.

You worked. You played. You laughed. And we thank you from the bottoms of our sore feet to the tops of our rejoicing heads. 

If you were unable to attend or you did not receive a complete set of the notes and handouts (Workshop Notes, Scope and Sequence, Movement Chart, Minor Rounds), please contact Crystal, Sharon or Margie.

We are so very proud to be a part of this generous, talented and loving chapter.  


Margie and Debbie

July 20, 2017

Dear Fellow Board and Chapter Members,

It is with deep regret that I announce my resignation as president from our SDAOSA Chapter, effective at our next board meeting sometime in August. My husband accepted an exciting new job offer and we will be moving out of the area. This makes it very difficult to be an effective president for the remainder of my term.

Please know that I have thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to serve the chapter to further the professional development and networking of music teachers in our area. I am proud of a successful workshop year and how you all came together to help while Marci transitioned out and I transitioned in with a newborn. It has been an exciting year with Lauren Shelton, the VAPA Coordinator at Chula Vista Elementary School District investing in music teachers and helping bring back an Orff Level 1 course to the San Diego area. I am proud that I could be a small contributor to our chapter’s achievements and honored to have been given this role. You are all tremendously talented teachers and I greatly value your friendship and fellowship over the past 7 years I have lived and taught in San Diego.

This move has happened rather rapidly but I know it is going to be a smooth transition with Michelle Beeson stepping up to the President role. She has been the reason the Levels course was made a reality and she is a mover and a doer. I do recognize that my leaving is going to leave a vacancy among the executive board and I challenge our members, rookie and veteran, to consider stepping up into a leadership position to keep our chapter going strong. I will always be a San Diego chapter member at heart and plan to remain available to the organization via telephone or email. I can’t wait to see what you all accomplish in the future and know that our Orff chapter is making an impact for music programs in our area. In the Orff world it is never goodbye but “Until next time!”

Sincerest regards,
Dawn Zurcher

October 1, 2016

SDAOSA letter from new president, Dawn Zurcher:

Dear fellow SDAOSA members,

I am excited to step up and take on the role of President for our chapter in the wake of Marci’s exciting news. Marci has put so much effort into this organization over the past few years and made great progress in getting our processes as a chapter refined and collecting and organizing the chapter history. She is going to be a tough act to follow and she will be greatly missed these next 18 months while she is overseas.

As incoming President I plan to continue the work that past presidents started of bringing in quality professional development and building our community. With this in mind we hope you join us for an amazing workshop with Lynn Kleiner and spread the word to your classroom or early education teacher friends that we are offering a one time discounted walk-in rate of $25 for this high quality PD opportunity. Also stay on campus during lunch by purchasing a Chick-fil-a sandwich or enjoying our snack foods for donation. I look forward to our time together!

Dawn Zurcher

October 1, 2016

SDAOSA president’s letter from Marci Romney:

Dear SDAOSA Friends,
Welcome to our 40th Anniversary Year! “Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future.”
From the living room of Janet Cherif in 1977 to Skyline Elementary today and on to a new site in 2017 and beyond, our chapter has grown in both experience and membership.

Learning from the Past …
2015-2016 was a truly historical year for SDAOSA. For the second time in our chapter’s history, San Diego hosted the AOSA National Conference. The theme was: “Waves of Learning” in November of 2015. Two years of diligent preparation was spearheaded by local chairs Sheryl Lloyd and Linda Lungren and supported by committee chairs and members from San Diego and our co-hosting chapters in Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland County and Las Vegas. Many of our members were called out of “retirement,” having served the chapter for many past years.

As Conference hosts, we shared the unique opportunity for two outstanding all-day Pre and Post-Conference workshops with our co-hosting chapters. In September we danced and sang with internationally acclaimed Peter and Mary Alice Amidon. In February we drummed our way through excellent Orff processing with Jim Solomon.

Working and learning side by side on so many occasions created the big bonus of new relationships and bonds among the co- hosting chapters.

Our third workshop of the season found us enthusiastically daring to create with national presenter Colleen Vernon.

Looking ahead to the final workshop of the year, Historian Dianne Park and myself took on the monumental task of gathering, sorting and reading through 30 plus years of chapter documents and notebooks. Beginning with our original charter as an official AOSA chapter, constitution and by-laws in November of 1979 to present day, we set out to compile a concise History of the evolution of our Chapter.

During that process, I became more and more impressed with the level of dedication, expertise and talent of past and present members. It became clear that a high caliber of local, national and international presenters at workshops and levels training has been the hallmark of SDAOSA from the beginning and has remained consistent. SDAOSA is a truly remarkable group of educators and people to be associated with.

The project culminated in an exciting day of Chapter Sharing interspersed with Chapter History presentations highlighting our honored guests: fourteen of our sixteen Past Presidents and many past Board Members attended who have served the chapter so faithfully through the years. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to meet, reconnect and honor their service during the workshop and during the luncheon following.

Looking to the Future …
Change seems to be the key word! It is exciting to watch how one group of people can change the way children in our area experience music.

The “face” of SDAOSA is in a season of change. Many past members and leaders are now officially in retirement, or will be in the near future. The chapter’s future will depend on the willingness of “the next generation” of members to continue the tradition of serving, in both small and large capacities. We ask that all carefully consider ways you can contribute as lives and circumstances allow.

My own future has changed sooner than anticipated. My husband and I will be living outside of the country for 18 months on a service mission. This necessitates a change in our Executive Board. Our Vice President / President Elect Dawn Zurcher has agreed to step in to take on the duties as President of the chapter, with three-year-old Alice and three-month-old Lucy in tow. Our capable Board will be there to support her, and we know we can count on our other willing members to shoulder many of the responsibilities. A good place to begin is to sign up for Chapter Sharing in January.

I cannot wait to see what will be accomplished in the coming year by our strong, talented group of musicians. The future of San Diego AOSA is bright and full of promise.

It has been a pleasure serving.

Musically yours,
Marci Romney
Immediate Past President 2014-2016

August 3, 2016

Here’s a note from our President, Marci Romney:

Happy August, SDAOSA Friends! Hope you have had, are having, and will continue to have a refreshing summer. Some of you are already back to school, and most others will be by the end of this month.  So…

It is time to think about our revitalizing San Diego AOSA (SDAOSA) 2016-2017 year ahead:

•    celebrate our SD Chapter 40th Anniversary Year:
“Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future”
•    learn from excellent national presenters
•    take ready-to-use materials for your classroom
•    receive Orff Schulwerk training
•    network and socialize with high-caliber colleagues

Three important reminders:

1.  EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT for Membership Dues
available Aug 1-Sept 6.
SDAOSA Membership Form 2016-2017

with presenter THOM BORDEN from Las Vegas:
“Pathways To Process –
Using Children’s Literature To Address Music Concepts”

8:45am  Registration opens
9:00-1:30pm  Workshop
@ Skyline Elementary School,
606 Lomas Santa Fe, Solana Beach

Workshop details at
More about Thom at

October 15, 2016 – Lynn Kleiner
– exciting FULL-DAY workshop!  9:00am-3:00pm
January 28, 2017 – Chapter Sharing  9am-1:30pm
April 22, 2017 – Tim Wiegand   9am-1:30pm

April 25, 2016


Registration 8:45 with Morning Snacks, donations accepted. Workshop 9:00am to 1:30 pm

BOUTIQUE OPENS EARLY! Bring your checks (preferred) or cash for our final Boutique Blow-out Sale of the Season! Some exciting treasures left. All proceeds go directly to our Chapter. Retired Teacher Sale too!

Potluck Luncheon and Meet & Greet. If you didn’t sign up to bring anything for the Potluck and wish to, please feel free to bring whatever you would like to contribute. We do have lots of desserts and could use more main dish salads or finger foods, but bring what you are comfortable with. If you can’t bring anything that’s ok too!!!! (Note: there is no heating or refrigerating capability at Skyline so please plan accordingly.)

Chapter Sharing with 8 wonderful lessons, some 2015 National Conference favorites, presented by chapter members. Ideas ready to take home and use in your classrooms!

Featured 2015 National Conference Presenter: Marilyn Shepard
PLEASE BRING: soprano/alto recorders and ukuleles if you have them

Chapter History and Recognition presentation highlighting our 18 Chapter Presidents and their Board Members from our 39 YEARS as the San Diego Chapter of AOSA. 14 of those Presidents will be attending! Come meet or reconnect with delightful friends from years past and present!

Please Invite any Past Members you may know to join us.

Location: Skyline Elementary
606 Lomas Santa Fe Dr.
Solana Beach, CA 92075

Usual Walk-In Fees apply: Guests ($35) Affiliates ($25) Students ($10)

Please remember to bookmark and check our official website if you haven’t already:

And “Join” (or just bookmark) our facebook group page: