A letter from the chapter VP…

December 1, 2019

Dear SDAOSA Friends,

I am writing to you with a full heart in this season of gratitude. What a beautiful week we shared in Salt Lake City for the 2019 AOSA National Conference, then parted as we went to our own families to share Thanksgiving. For the 11 SDAOSA members who attended conference, I know connections were made, experiences were shared, and growth took place that we will carry back to our students when we see their faces again tomorrow morning.

The last three years have been years of change and transition for our chapter. From the 2017 SDAOSA sponsored Orff Schulwerk level 1 course offered in Chula Vista until today, our membership has expanded rapidly as Schulwerk has reached a new cohort of music educators. In our communication with AOSA, Sasha Stone (our incoming Vice President) and I have learned that SDAOSA chartered in 1977 and became an official chapter in 1979. It seems appropriate in this historic 40th year to reflect on the incredible foundation-laying of our predecessors and look towards the future.

Diversity and Inclusion were important themes for the “Orff Elevated” conference in Salt Lake City. As a national entity, AOSA is reflecting on past practices and looking for ways to grow and reflect the diversity of music educators and students nationwide. Music education has struggled to thrive in Southern California for many years, but I am hopeful as we watch the political and social tides turn. It is our duty and our responsibility as a chapter to make sure we widen the net and gather as many educators into our vibrant community as possible.

In that spirit, Sasha has begun compiling a list of schools in San Diego county to do the work of contacting music educators who may feel alone in their work. It is our hope to grow our community and shore each other up for the continued reestablishment of music throughout our region. We have also discussed ways to celebrate the work SDAOSA has been doing for 40 years. We look forward to a year of continued growth and community.

In this busy season as you shepherd students through performances, know that we are grateful for every one of you. The future of this chapter is bright and promising because of the role each of you plays in building it. It is a pleasure to serve this organization. I wish you a holiday season of love, family, and peace.

Crystal Pridmore

July 24, 2016

We hope to see you all at our local San Diego AOSA (SDAOSA) workshops this school year but this is just a reminder that registration is now open for the upcoming AOSA National Conference in Atlantic City if you’re going.

November 2-5, 2016 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Click here for more info: 2016 National AOSA Conference in Atlantic City

Popular conference sessions fill up early, so register soon! Also, it’s less expensive to register early!

Early Registration July 1 to Aug. 31 $279 (Non-Member $560)
Pre-Registration Sept. 1 to Oct. 2 $299  (Non-Member $601)
On-site Registration Nov. 2‐5 $390  (Non-Member $750)

Membership in AOSA or Carl Orff Canada is required to qualify for the national conference registration member discounts. Remember, membership in SDAOSA (local chapter membership) does NOT automatically give you AOSA membership (national membership). Click here to join or renew AOSA (national) membership.

November 8, 2015

From Marci Romney (SDAOSA president):

Conference Week Greetings SDAOSA Friends!

The time has arrived…. Our National AOSA Conference begins here in San Diego Wednesday, November 11 and continues through Saturday the 14th at the Town and Country Convention Center. On site Registration will be available beginning Wednesday. Check aosa.org for details.

We extend heartfelt appreciation for the incredible amount of planning and work that has been performed by so many of our willing, dedicated, talented chapter members this past year – and longer for some, notably our “fearless leaders” and local chairs Sheryl Lloyd and Linda Lungren, and also their wonderful committee.

Very best wishes to all for a successful, enjoyable Conference full of learning and fun alongside all that labor.  Hope to see many of you there!


REMINDER: Please take special note of your favorite Conference lessons and plan to share one with us at Chapter Sharing April 30,  2016!

POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP: January 23, 2016 with Jim Solomon – “Process Teaching and Flourishing in an Orff Classroom”

SDAOSA Workshop March 12, 2016 with Colleen Vernon – “Dare to Create” (See Colleen at her Conference session Saturday: “Jump, Jive and Patsch! Swing Music and Dance in the Orff Schulwerk Style”)

July 17, 2015

AOSAfinal-2015-16-Flyer(click image to enlarge)

A message from Marci, our current chapter president:

Here is our newly designed 2015-2016 flyer thanks to Sharon Evans, Marci, Julie, Michelle, Lenore, Suzy, and many others.

Please personally invite your friends, colleagues, administrators, etc. to join us at our outstanding Pre-Conference workshop on September 12th (the presenters are the Amidons!), to our National Conference this November in San Diego, and to the rest of our wonderful workshops. This flyer can be printed, forwarded, and/or posted to any organizations that may have interested members:


Please help us advertise — you are ALL a key to the conference success. By the way, the conference registration is now open with a reduced earlybird price — check it out at http://aosa.org/annual-conference/ (click on Registration to register).

The September 12th Pre-Conference workshop with the Amidons is partially sponsored by AOSA and is being offered, as a pre-conference experience, free of charge to interested educators and administrators. Please come and bring potential SDAOSA members.

As per our agreement, children are not allowed to attend our workshops for liability reasons. But we hope to see you there!

One last note: We need FOUR volunteers to help stuff flyers in county ArtsPak for two hours (or more) at the San Diego County Office Of Education on Linda Vista Rd. — August 28th.  If available, please contact Sharon Evans or Marci Romney.

Thank you for helping us advertise:
–joining our local SDAOSA chapter
–attending the September 12th workshop
–attending our National Conference in November

November 14, 2014

A message from the 2015 National AOSA Conference in San Diego Local Co-Chairs, Linda Lungren and Sheryl Lloyd:

Our next workshop is not until January 31st so we thought we would touch base.

Our San Diego chapter was well represented along with the San Diego Conference team at the recent National AOSA conference in Nashville. Our committee chairs worked alongside their Nashville counterparts, learned a lot, worked hard, enjoyed meeting new friends, attending great sessions, and dancing with the Amidons in the evening — and now we’re ready for conference in San Diego, November 2015. Your help on the various committees will certainly be vital in the future!!!

Some highlights at Nashville:

–Dawn Zurcher did a FANTASTIC job as the presenter of the First-Timers Session with her humorous slide show introduction and very informative powerpoint presentation. She had almost 100 people attending her session.

–Linda was very pleased to have her SDAOSA promotional video broadcast at the Welcome Ceremony on the large screen. Thanks to her video instrumentalists: Sheryl, Margie, Debbie, and Dorothy. Some of your students made it on to the big screen too! In the near future this video will be attached to the National AOSA site in preparation of our national conference in San Diego. Want to see Linda’s 2015 National AOSA Conference in San Diego promo video? Click [here].

–Our Flashmob at the banquet was a HUGE success! “Surfin’ AOSA” complete with a dozen ukuleles, singers doing movement, performers wearing our Aqua conference t-shirts, Linda’s flashing sunglasses, etc. It was truly a show stopper at the banquet. Want to see? Click [here] (must be logged into facebook to see this one).

Many of us moving instruments with the Nashville team were quite surprised to be moving carts through the conference kitchen, using the freight elevators and wandering all throughout the hidden corridors of the conference. We look forward to Margie, Debbie, Dorothy, and Patty leading our instrument and equipment team through the Town and Country “behind the scenes.” Our one level at Town and Country should make it a bit easier, we hope.

The instruments will be arriving in San Diego (Chula Vista storage) December 6th so those of you signed up to borrow the instruments will certainly want to be in attendance in a vehicle large enough to transport your instruments. Margie and Debbie will have that information.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!