November 14, 2014

A message from the 2015 National AOSA Conference in San Diego Local Co-Chairs, Linda Lungren and Sheryl Lloyd:

Our next workshop is not until January 31st so we thought we would touch base.

Our San Diego chapter was well represented along with the San Diego Conference team at the recent National AOSA conference in Nashville. Our committee chairs worked alongside their Nashville counterparts, learned a lot, worked hard, enjoyed meeting new friends, attending great sessions, and dancing with the Amidons in the evening — and now we’re ready for conference in San Diego, November 2015. Your help on the various committees will certainly be vital in the future!!!

Some highlights at Nashville:

–Dawn Zurcher did a FANTASTIC job as the presenter of the First-Timers Session with her humorous slide show introduction and very informative powerpoint presentation. She had almost 100 people attending her session.

–Linda was very pleased to have her SDAOSA promotional video broadcast at the Welcome Ceremony on the large screen. Thanks to her video instrumentalists: Sheryl, Margie, Debbie, and Dorothy. Some of your students made it on to the big screen too! In the near future this video will be attached to the National AOSA site in preparation of our national conference in San Diego. Want to see Linda’s 2015 National AOSA Conference in San Diego promo video? Click [here].

–Our Flashmob at the banquet was a HUGE success! “Surfin’ AOSA” complete with a dozen ukuleles, singers doing movement, performers wearing our Aqua conference t-shirts, Linda’s flashing sunglasses, etc. It was truly a show stopper at the banquet. Want to see? Click [here] (must be logged into facebook to see this one).

Many of us moving instruments with the Nashville team were quite surprised to be moving carts through the conference kitchen, using the freight elevators and wandering all throughout the hidden corridors of the conference. We look forward to Margie, Debbie, Dorothy, and Patty leading our instrument and equipment team through the Town and Country “behind the scenes.” Our one level at Town and Country should make it a bit easier, we hope.

The instruments will be arriving in San Diego (Chula Vista storage) December 6th so those of you signed up to borrow the instruments will certainly want to be in attendance in a vehicle large enough to transport your instruments. Margie and Debbie will have that information.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!