December 13, 2015

This message comes from our San Diego Orff chapter instruments coordinator:

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to see many of you again at our next local chapter workshop (January 23, 2016 at Skyline School) which will be with the fabulous presenter Jim Solomon.

I just got Jim’s instrument request list from Marci and I need your help. He is requesting that EACH workshop participant have a tubano-style or similar drum to play during the workshop.

Skyline School will have about 14 tubanos for walk-in workshop attendees and those that absolutely cannot bring their own drum. However if there is any possible way you can each bring your own drum to the workshop, that would help out so much (kind of like how many of you brought your own drum to the Paul Corbiere workshop last year where we did some drum circle activities and every participant needed to have a drum to play).

The workshop is still over a month away so I am hoping that during this time you will be able to either make a note to bring a tubano-style drum from your school to the workshop (Jim prefers REMO brand tunable tubano drums if possible), or make arrangements to borrow a drum for the workshop from a friend or colleague.

Also, if any of you have quite a few tubano drums at your school, have room to transport them in your vehicle, and are willing to bring them on the day of the workshop (to be used by those who may come to the workshop without a drum), please email me at and let me know. I will make arrangements to unlock the fire-lane gate for you on the morning of the workshop so you can more easily unload your drums. We do expect quite a few attendees for this workshop and need to prepare more drums for those who will not be able to bring a drum of their own (including a group that might be flying to San Diego to attend this workshop).

Thanks in advance for marking your calendars for this workshop and making an extra note to bring a drum to this workshop if possible. If it is not possible, please still come! We will have some spare drums but just not a whole lot unless the response for those who can bring more drums is overwhelming.

P.S. – Please also bring your soprano recorder to the workshop!