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Earn college credit for attending 2021-2022 SDAOSA workshops!
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San Diego State University Global Campus
ED 0997.31 – Special Topics in Music Education: Orff-Schulwerk

Course Number: ED0997
Schedule Number: 21FA 08603 GS
Academic Units: 1.0
Fee: $80
Registration Deadline: December 10, 2021

Register and pay for the credit:
Registration has gone paperless. Online-registration only. If you need help with online registration, please contact the SDSU Global Campus’ registration office at or (619) 594-5152.

Attend 4 out of 5 workshops:
Don’t forget to sign the SDSU College Credit attendance sheet at the START AND END of each workshop for proof of attendance! Attending fewer than 4 workshops will run you the risk of receiving a lower letter grade and possibly not receiving credit.

Complete the short written assignment:
In addition to attending 4 out of 5 workshops, a written assignment must be completed to obtain credit. Special Topics in Music Education: Orff-Schulwerk is not eligible to be taken pass/fail or credit/no-credit. The written assignment is basically a short (1-page) reflection paper or lesson outline. The written assignment must be EMAILED to by April 15, 2022 to receive credit.

Please contact Angelina Kressin,
SDAOSA College Credit Coordinator